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Academic Education & Computers Training

Unique Shiksha Point

Academic Education & Computers Training

Unique Shiksha Point

Academic Education & Computers Training

Welcome at Unique Shiksha Point

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. At Unique Shiksha Point Teaching is neither a profession nor a job, It is a responsibility."

We at Unique Shiksha Point pledge ourselves to ensure that our center becomes a place where all students are welcomed as they are and are challenged to grow to take their rightful place in society.

The current saying teaches,"There are only two lasting things we can give to our children"

  • one is roots

  • Anther is wings

Giving the roots and wings is a challenge and a commitment worthy of every fiber of our being. This challenge we have to undertake, because, "Our children, their troubled world, and most of all, their destinies are waiting in the question of the earliest learned."

About Us

If you are looking for a professional training center who works in an efficient professional manner and want to do courses like Web Designing, Web Development, PHP, HTML, Java Script, VB etc. then Unique Shiksha Point is the right place for you.


The best teacher is the one who teaches their students with their own experience rather than from a book. The faculty of our institute works on their best level in providing quality education and knowledge to our students.


If you are capable & Finance is not a constraint for education with Unique Shiksha Point We are introducing various courses, which have been mentioned below and assure you that something for everybody who is willing to achieve a success in the field of computer.


  • Our teaching methodology is very different and unique because of two main reasons.

    Firstly, the programs what we deliver, are explicitly designed to help students in mastering the broad range of skills that is essential to become a creative industry professional.

    Secondly, we have a dedicated team of faculty who all are industry practitioners there by creating a teaching environment that is dynamic. We are continually working to improve our resources to help you with your studies.

  • The best teacher is the one who teaches their students with their own experience rather than from a book. The faculty of our institute works on their best level in providing quality education and knowledge to our students. Every faculty member understands his/her personal responsibility to deliver the best possible education to the students. Our faculties are always ready to help their students not only in class rooms but also after completion of the courses when they start working in companies.

  • Computer performs every important role in this new generation era (age). We need it at every stage of life either for education for entertainment. Every body should have knowledge of computer to get the power of computer knowledge we have invented a very tactful and easy method at our computer center named Unique Shiksha Point Academic Education & Computers Training . The mark of knowledge the name of development you are cordially invited here to set your life with computer and to get your ambition successfully.

Why Choose Us

Our aim is to provide the development of whole personality and its integration with the society. Our objective is that Positive ideas are inculcated in students as regards personal hygiene, cleanliness of surroundings, graceful manner, obedience and discipline.

Highly motivated and dedicated team of teachers plays the role of a model for the children. Learning is a joy here, As teachers make their lessons very interesting by following various methods of teaching viz. Demonstration, experimentation, Project work, play way, micro teaching, structure methods etc. The aim of the Unique Shiksha Point is to inculcate in the students a thirst for knowledge, devotion of duty, honesty and patriotic favour besides humanism.

  • To develop Self-confidence.
  • To increase analytical power
  • Do develop feeling of assessment
  • To develop indomitable will power.
  • Focus on concentration.
  • To develop aesthetic sense.
  • Physical,mental and spiritual development.
  • Make students apply ideas in life
  • To create fellow feeling among the students
  • To make them good personalites for the service of Mother India
  • To make them disciplined
  • To generate feeling of responsibility

We are committed to promote academic excellence and the personal, social, Physical and ethical development of each student and also to create the positive thinking.

The registered candidate with Unique Shiksha Point will get the facility of

  • Online Registration
  • Online Attendance
  • Online Exam
  • Online SMS Facility
  • Student Login
  • Fees Structure
  • Test Out Put
  • Notice
  • Online fee receipt record
  • PDF download
  • SMS Facility

Some of the teaching methodologies and techniques that to be used are:.

  • Lecture-based
  • Group Projects
  • Research Projects
  • Workshops
  • Case Study based
  • Experiential Learning
  • Industrial Training
  • Well equipped laboratory with latest computers
  • High speed internet with every computer
  • Extra coaching for poor students
  • Co-education
  • All round Personality development
  • Efficient, Well qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Personal attention to every student.
  • Career guidance & Placement assistance.
  • Short term job oriented courses.
  • Electrical generator facility.
  • Typing, Internet & English Speaking.
  • Make evaluation comprehensive and regular
  • Reduces stress on students
  • Students can know their strength & weaknesses
  • We help the students in making decisions for the future, regarding choice of subjects, courses and careers.
  • Comprehensive & Continuous evaluation of the various aspects of the personality of the students
  • Specialist in 6 Weeks / 6 Months Industrial Training for Engineers / MCA students.
  • Generation of awareness in the students regarding future career options available to them.
  • Training programs helps the Students for their future planning .
  • Students get best knowledge by providing our complete facilities and we are sure they get 100% success in their field.
  • Assist employers to achieve their hiring goals
  • Every student is provided with Live Projects mentored by Software Development Experts.
  • Guest Lectures by Industry Experts.
  • Industrial Training Certificate from Software Development Company.
  • Seminars on Advanced Tecnologies for Oracle, Sun Microsystems & Microsoft etc
  • Interview Preparation and Personality Development Programs.
  • Python
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • My SQL
  • ReactJs
  • Excel
  • MS Word
  • Power Point
  • Out Look
  • Om Gosai
    Scores: 89.0%
  • Harnaman Singh
    Scores: 96.0%
  • Navdeep
    Scores: 92.0%
  • Shanu Singh
    Scores: 95.0%
  • Rehan
    Scores: 85.0%
  • Bhanu Partap
    Scores: 98.0%
  • Arjun Mishra
    Scores: 96.0%
  • Akash
    Scores: 86.0%
  • Arth passi
  • Arwinder
    Hard Worker
  • Harsimar Singh
    Hard Worker

For Registration, firstly downloads the form from here.