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  • I would like to convey my good wishes to the Nevino members and the trainees/students of the centre who have put in their continuous hard work to maintain the name of the centre at such a height that everyone who is attached to it feels pride. I am proud to say that the centre has made appreciable all round developments in a very short period.

    Life is all about computers now a day. In any field of life one can't do without computer. And for computer education, we can't depend upon such type of centers, where due to shortage of facilities, students have to face problem in learning properly. I assure the Nevino members and the trainees/students of the centre of the centre that no such problem will be allowed to prevent the path of the student's development. We have a handsome amount of computers with latest technology is available in our center. Every pc is attached to the Airtel Broadband internet connection. Due to globalization, the use of English language is increasing day by day. That‘s why; we are providing the coaching of spoken English which is free along with the other courses.

    For such parents who can't afford much to make their children learn computer, our fees structure is very reasonable. Moreover we help such students, who have an extraordinary ability and curiosity to learn but their parents cannot afford.

    Our main goal is to literate a person in the field of computers and none would be allowed to prevent us to achieve our goal. Once again, I congratulate all of you.

    Thanking you

    Sanjay Kumar


    Tel.: +919034941443

    Email: sanjayaggarwal14@gmail.com

  • Computers have emerged as a basic necessity for the modern generation. They have something to offer for every human being, who has the basic knowledge of handling them. With tones of capacity and oceans of knowledge, computers have changed the scenario of the whole world. For developing countries they have paved way for progress in leaps and bounds. Although a lot of books are available in the market for beginners to Professionals, the role of teachers and practice methods applied by them cannot be sidelined. At Nevino Systems, we have a dedicated faculty to look into the personal ability of the student and design program to suit his/her needs.

    All courses are divided into chapters which are well planned, designed and prepared by qualified and experienced teachers as well as professionals.

    Needless to say, every course/training is job oriented. Other facilities offered are:

    • Well equipped laboratory with latest computers
    • High speed internet with every computer
    • Extra coaching for poor students
    • Co-education
    • Personality development
    • Well qualified and experienced faculty.
    • Personal attention to every student.
    • Career guidance & Placement assistance.
    • Short term job oriented courses.
    • Electrical generator facility.
    • Typing, Internet & English Speaking.

    We assure complete dedication in our efforts for all round development of a candidate.

    Vikram Aggarwal

    Ph.: +91 9466135659

    Email: Vikramaggarwal13@gmail.com

  • Dear Readers / Students,

    As we move our steps in 21 century with new hopes and new expectations, it is imperative that we appreciate the world around us is changing rapidly, throwing open great challenges and countless opportunities. Driven by the growing trend of globalization the revolutionary development in Information Technology, we are witnessing phenomenal changes in the world of Computer Education. In the emerging scenario, computer professionals will be operating in a totally new financial and educational landscape of atoms and electrons.

    In this context Unique Shiksha Point offers different types of Computer Programs for the benefit of students and executives who wish to pursue rewarding careers in IT. All the programs are based on contemporary theory and practical and provide a strong conceptual foundation to those aspiring for top positions and career opportunities in the IT field. We endeavor to impart knowledge and skills in equal measure to our students. The Unique Shiksha Point excels not only training but also in English spoken, Internet classes and personality development etc. we have well qualified and dedicated faculty and airy building with perfect arrangement of lighting and sitting facility. We also provide our computer courses free of cost to those who can't afford. "All citizens will have the knowledge of Computer" it's our goal, and the Unique Shiksha Point is successfully accomplishing its goal of eradicating darkness of ignorance and replacing it by the light of knowledge and awareness. However the pursuit of the program demands intellectual maturity, strength of purpose and willingness to work hard. For those brilliant with curious mind and driven by skilled aspirants, our Unique Shiksha Point will be tour of Discovery.

    We invite all those who share our vision, goal and purpose to join hands in our efforts to build a new cadre of Computer professionals who will accelerate the growth in the new digital and electronic era. Come; let us build a prosperous new INDIA together.

    Thanking You.

    Team Members

  • Dear Readers / Students,

    This is a proud opportunity for me to share my thoughts with you in the capacity of principal of this institute. Education is not bookish imprint on the minds of the alumni. Education is the application of best ideas, derived from books, no doubt, in one's life. Education, in its real form is "Man-Making". In the present scenario, education has a vital role in one's life. In this world of throat - cut completion, education is the sole weapon to fight against the deadly battle of life. We, at Unique Shiksha Point, have adopted a peculiar teaching methodology to equip the students to cope with the obstacles of life. Our aim is " Man-making Education ". In this world of " Survival of the fittest", our focus is to make your ward the fittest. Education is incomplete but for inculacating moral values among the students. How subtime it is to learn and be humbe and great! We strive here to produce dynamic personalities imbibed with the tint of humility. In short, at Vishudha, "Teaching is neither a profession, nor a job; it is a responsibility."

    I extend my sincere , good wishes for new academic session.

    Thanking You.

    Unique Shiksha Team

  • Dear Readers / Students,

    In these days we have seen and observed that our youth after completing the education still depend upon others for taking their important decisions of life. They are not using their internal strength to compete with any kind of challenges. There are lots of reasons for that. One and foremost reason in that maximum youth has become dependent on others. They have developed their mind as a store that is why after completing even graducation ninety-five % students/people are not able to get good jobs. In this era of knowledge we have to make our teaching methodologhy according to current scenario of the nation for that we in Unique Shiksha Point have make a different teaching methodlogy.

    Thanking You.

    Ms. Payal Aggarwal

  • Dear Readers / Students,

    Teaching is an art which is not everyone’s cup of tea. For me teaching is a passion.

    " Words are the only weightless thing in this world that can actually make you feel heavy."

    Still I believe in action not in words. My deeds show what " I am ". I am proud to be a teacher.

    Thanking You.

    Ms. Suman Deep

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