Activites At Unique Shiksha Point
  • Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)- What-if Analysis - Multiple Operations

  • Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)- Subtotals

  • Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)- What-if Analysis - Scenarios

  • Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)- Consolidating data

  • Python Fundamentals - Introduction About Python

  • Python Fundamental Tokens Keywords Identifiers and punctuators

  • Write a program to find the given number is prime or composite

  • Write a program to write given numbers in ascending order using if conditio

  • How to Create Database in Open Office

  • How to create table in OpenOffice database

  • How to Modify the table structure and add the data in the table in OpenOffi

  • What is the Difference between Mutable and Immutable type and why?

  • Operator-Arithmetic Operator in Python

  • Augmented and Relational operator

  • Identity Operator

  • Logical Operator : and, or and not operator in python

  • Bitwise Operator : and(&), or(|), Xor(^) and complement(^) operator in pyth